Scheduled Maintenance

We’re making changes to further improve ZenHub’s reliability! To ensure the best experience for our users, we’ll be performing some maintenance on Saturday, April 20th between 1-5 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8). During this time you may experience disruptions to your ZenHub workspace loading. We apologize for an inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for your patience and please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions.

Close Milestones from the Burndown

We shipped a small button that holds great power. Close all of your connected Milestones from the Burndown chart in one click!

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.19.49 AM.png

Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure the Milestone is complete - to reopen connected Milestones, they must be opened individually through GitHub.

New ways to style Issues and comments

We've fixed dozens of minor UI bugs and introduced new markdown features by implementing a new library 🌟.

Here's a list of stand out changes:

🆕 Emoji support, color blocks, and more!

  • Writing out emojis, such as :shipit:, render the emoji's image in Issues.



  • 3 or 6 digit hexadecimal color codes show color previews next to the code block. Use a code blocks #5e60ba to render in-line color previews.



  • Using <!-- --> displays hidden text in Issues.

    This is helpful when creating Issue templates to provide instructions on best practices for using the template!

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.13.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.13.52 PM.png

🎨 Styling updates

  • To make tables easier to scan, there's now alternating row colors.

table colors.png

  • Inline code blocks have additional space before them

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.17.57 PM.png

  • Use the <details> markdown option to create sections that can expand and collapse to show/hide information.
 <summary>Summary Goes Here</summary>
 ...this is hidden, collapsable content...

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 12.58.15 PM.png

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Using #issue references in code blocks will no longer create Issue references, but remain as content in a code block.
  • Links with the @ symbol will no longer incorrectly mention users
  • Using @ symbols inside code blocks will no longer mention users, but remain as content in a code block.
  • Links with brackets [ ] ( ) will no longer break mid-link.
  • When @ mentioning there's not extra spaces after the username.
  • HTML for image upload and styling is supported. If images have custom width/height coded in the image URL they will no longer break.
  • Ordered list items now indent properly, including showing sub-nested ordered and unordered lists.

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Upcoming maintenance Sat, March 23rd @ 1-5:00 PM PST

On Saturday, March 23rd 2019 between 1:00 and 5:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8) we will be performing infrastructure maintenance.

What this means for you:

  • You can continue to use ZenHub during this time, but might experience disconnect errors.
  • You might experience a Board cannot be loaded or Error loading Workspace error intermittently as you navigate. A few refreshes should resolve this during the maintenance window!
  • Any changes made during the maintenance window to your Workspaces, reports, or GitHub Issues will be saved.

If you have questions when returning back to work after Saturday, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Bug smash 🔨

We've released a suite of bug fixes this week, including:

  • Issue titles and comments properly word-wrap on the Board and in the Issue page.
  • File uploads will now properly copy and paste for users on Chrome 73.
  • If there is a deleted repo in a multi-repo Board, the Cumulative flow and Control chart will no longer hang during loading.
  • Creating Issues/Epics in GitHub with the extension will no longer show a duplicate Create an Epic button at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • When creating a Milestone in ZenHub the mouse focus area now goes to the title, not the start date.
  • Repo names no longer appears as undefined on hover in the web app Milestone page for multi-repo Workspaces. Milestones-fix.png


  • Loading the Board is also now faster! We no longer render an Issue card's option menu—these will only be loaded when clicked Issue Options.png.

PR status indicators now correctly reported

The status of a PR will now show open/merged/closed properly on PR cards in the Board. Previously, if a PR was merged, it was appearing open, and when open, it was appearing as closed/merged.

PR status indicator.png

Bug fixes for Control charts and Milestones

Today we shipped a series of bug fixes across the product, including:

  • Milestones When loading the Milestone page in the web app, teams with many open Milestones will no longer hit the limit of only 100 loading. The limit is now 1200.
  • Control chart Averages on the Control chart now round to a single decimal point (instead of showing 10).


  • Control chart Minor UI tweaks to the Control chart for easier discoverability, including:
    • Issue titles will wrap, not truncate.
    • Header text (i.e Average days to close) has more contrast to make it easier to read.
    • When hovering over the Average time to completion line on the Control chart, the tool tip no longer displays "Average days to Closed". Instead, it properly displays the completed pipeline that you've set.


Track cycle and lead time

Confidently plan and track your projects by forecasting when work will be completed using Control charts.

Control charts give in-depth insights on a piece of work, including:

  • Time to completion
  • Overall cycle and lead time
  • How long issues spend in various stages of work

You can forecast how quickly work will be completed by measuring throughput, uncover blockers, and identify bottlenecks.

Control chart highlight.jpg


  • Register for free product training on March 13th to learn how best to use the Control chart alongside all ZenHub reports. Register here
  • Review the help guide to learn how-to read the Control chart and best use cycle and lead time in your projects.
  • Sign up for a Kanban workshop, where a product specialist will review your charts and offer insights and recommendations to improve how you use ZenHub and ship software.

Get in touch with questions, feedback, or positive vibes! 🌱

See what's new in-app

We've shipped an in-app changelog 🌟!

Here's what to expect:

  • In the web app you'll be notified with a red badge of new fixes, new features, and enhancements.
  • In the extension the sidebar Changelog link leads here—the badge won't appear, so periodically check-back for what's new.

Curious what else is upcoming? View our roadmap here.


⌘+C / ⌘+V fixed in the extension

In our improved Issue modal in the extension we broke copy/paste (sorry!). This is now fixed—using ⌘+C and ⌘+v properly copies text 🔨.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely ZenHub will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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