ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Love at first Insight 💜


⭐️ New



We’re excited to be launching our Sprint Insights Beta! Right from your Board you’ll be able to: see ZenHub Sprint progress, understand changes in scope, see average velocity and compare to last period, add unfinished Issues to your next Sprint, and more.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 5.33.25 PM.png

We’re still running the Beta while we finalize a few last details, so if you’re interested in participating, simply send an email with your GitHub Organization name to product@zenhub.com. We’d love to hear your feedback!

  • [Update] While using our GitHub Project Importer, you’ll now see a warning message if you try to import the same project a second time
  • [Update] Sidebar icon updates
  • [Bug fix] You’re now able to make changes to an active ZenHub Sprint if the Sprint is closing today 
  • [Bug fix] You’ll no longer see a delay in repos appearing when creating a new Workspace.
  • [Bug Fix] We’ve resolved the bug that caused some users’ Board to (semi) crash when opening Epics too quickly.

GitHub Projects Importer


⭐️ New



Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 12.36.37 PM.png

For those who want to break away from GitHub Projects and come over to ZenHub, you now have an easy way to import your project and issues over with just a couple of clicks.

Check out this quick two and a half minute video to learn more:

Export roadmaps


⭐️ New



You can now export roadmaps to an SVG file.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 9.43.07 AM.png


  • Extension - Fixed some colour inconsistencies in the extension issue page.
  • Simplified workspace builder.
  • You can now use the spacebar to expand and collapse pipelines.
  • Board settings have been moved to the board for easier visibility.
  • New and improved epic card design.
  • Improved roadmap creation experience.
  • Epic assignees will now show on the roadmap.
  • Dragging and dropping issues into a closed pipeline will close the issue.
  • We’ve reduced the overall code bundle size of our application by 20%, resulting in faster initial load times for our web application.
  • Updates to styling for creating and editing workspaces.
  • Adding issues to pipelines will automatically place that issue at the top of a pipeline.

Bug Fixes

  • Extension - Highlighting text in issue modal fixed.
  • Fix for Japanese keyboard compatibility.
  • Corrected header in control chart export.
  • Extension - Events will now show on the issue page when you assign an issue to a release.
  • Changing Epic dates on the roadmap will no longer remove them from a project.

Planning poker and a new way to quickly create issues


⭐️ New



Planning poker


This week we launched planning poker in GitHub (as part of ZenHub, of course)! Team members can now estimate issues individually and record a history of who estimated what. No more guessing who was part of the process or where the estimate came from.

Still not sold? We've seen backlog refinement cut out 80% of the time it used to take to get through the meeting—especially across remote teams!

And for our beta users, we have some bug fixes for you too:

  • [Update] The kinks have been worked out and estimates are always updating in real-time
  • [Bug fix] The “Someone set the estimate to [estimate]” event no longer appears when all participants have the same estimation votes
  • [Bug fix] Fixed an issue where the UI flickered after you set your estimate

For more information, check out the details on our blog.

Quick issue creation


You may have noticed a slight change to your pipeline headers and new [+] button to quickly create issue after issue after issue after iss—… you get the point. Click, type, submit. It's as easy as that!

And don't worry, all the previous features are still available through the settings menu to the left (to the left) 🎶

Updates and bug fixes


  • [Update] You can now remove both the start and end dates from an Epic!
  • [Update] Added an option to rename an issue from inside the Epic page. Hover over the issue in the list and click on the settings button to bring up all of the options.
  • [Update] Deprecated current estimate icon and replaced it with a shiny new one
  • [Update] Updated the minimum width for issue sidebar
  • [Update] Show a tooltip when hovering over the truncated pipeline summary (issues and points)
  • [Update] UI improvements inside an Epic page
  • [Bug fix] Dragging a PRs with long names on the Board no longer clips the previous issue

New Board UI & performance improvements


⭐️ New



You may have noticed that the Board is looking sleeker and more modern! We made a few UI changes to help you focus on what’s important, such as:

  • Pipeline expand/collapse will now be hidden until hovering over a pipeline.
  • We’ve removed pipeline boarders to simplify the look of the Board. Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 4.12.56 PM.png

Other changes include:

[Performance] We’ve optimized some of our core application components which should result in a 20-30ms performance improvement for all user actions in the app.

[Update] Workspace filter labels will now be applied to Epics created in the Roadmap. As a reminder, Workspace filters allow your team to only load Issues with a certain label in your Workspace.

[Update] A PR’s author will no longer appear on the list of reviewers. We apologize to any users who experienced an identity crisis after seeing their own name among the reviewers.

[Update] You’ll now see a story points summary on the Closed pipeline while searching and filtering. 

🗓 Edit your Sprint dates and a 10x assignee selector 👤


⭐️ New



Sprint dates

🛬 One of the biggest requests for Sprints has landed 🛬

Shuffling your teams and also need to shuffle your Sprint start and end dates? We've got you. Taking a week off to pretend like the pandemic is over and everything has gone back to normal? You keep dreaming but, even then, we've got you!

Open your Sprint configuration through the menu on the Board or sidebar…

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 3.54.29 PM.png

… then click to clear and select new dates! edit-sprint-dates.png

Assignee selector


Hopefully this has gone (visually) unnoticed but we have quietly updated the assignee selector by caching assignees rather than pulling the data from GitHub. Since being in production for the last few weeks, we've seen up to 10x performance improvements for teams with 100s to 1000s of users. We have also fixed a couple bugs along the way:

  • [Bug fix] No longer freezes when searching for multiple users and then closing the dropdown without selecting anyone
  • [Bug fix] No longer freezes when selecting assignees in certain conditions

And what's dessert without a few sprinkles?

  • [Update] Updated the issue list in an epic to play better with the new issue flyout in the web app. Keep your eyes peeled for it landing in the extension sooooon.
  • [Update] We have removed a legacy warning when editing a pipeline's name/description.
  • [Update] Small UI update to the create menu to separate Sprints from the rest of the items.
  • [Bug fix] Activating the "Predicted end date" in a Release report now shows the predicted end date vs previously showing an "invalid date" error.
  • [Bug fix] Issues from newly added repos to your Workspaces will now include Release data on initial load vs previously needing a page refresh.
  • [Bug fix] You will again see estimates of 0 on issue cards.
  • [Bug fix] For our Firefox/Windows users, we have fixed a bug where browser windows that were not fully maximized took on a mind of its own and tried to start a dance party when navigating to the Roadmap. If your Roadmap experience did not include an unintentional strobe light, be thankful. To those that did experience the bug, apologies and we hope you had a disco ball nearby.

Use Shift + click for multi-select, plus other egg-scellent improvements 🐰


🐛 Fixes



Hopefully you’re not too full of Easter chocolate, because we’ve got a few treats in this week’s changelog!

You can now quickly select multiple Issues on the board by holding down the Shift key. Once selected, you can apply bulk changes to Issues, such as adding to an Epic, applying a label, or moving pipelines.


Other improvements included:

  • [Update] When turning on the Automatically build new sprints feature, a suggested average velocity will now be displayed.
  • [Update] Users shouldn’t see the “Unable to connect to live updates” toast as frequently.
  • [Update] Issues closed on Sprint end day will now count as closed.
  • [Update] The cancel button will now be disabled during new Issue creation.
  • [Bug fix] We squashed a bug that made the ZenHub tab disappear from GitHub for extension users.
  • [Bug fix] Some users were not seeing their Workspace filter labels pre-populate when creating a new Issue.
  • [Bug fix] We fixed the bug that was causing Safari users to see the background Issues on their Board disappear when the Issue modal opens.

Week-end fixes and updates


🐛 Fixes



After a series of releases for performance improvements and feature updates improving the developer experience for pull requests, we're back with a round-up of recent changes.

  • [Update] Updated estimate selector in the Issue sidebar to make it easier to quickly estimate Issues


  • [Update] Added more filters to Board by default (6 to 7, look for more changes coming soon!)
  • [Update] Updated background colour for title + description inputs when editing an Issue
  • [Update] Added error state when the Issue doesn’t exist in the Workspace
  • [Update] Show search results (Issue and Story point count) during keyword search


  • [Bug fix] Fixed filters rendering multiple times when searching
  • [Bug fix] Fixed loading state in some filters where "No items" was showing instead of the loading state
  • [Bug fix] Fixed real-time updates for the Issue sidebar when a Sprint is active
  • [Bug fix] Fixed real-time updates for the Issue timeline items for Sprints
  • [Bug fix] Fixed post and comment rendering in Issues for large blocks of text
  • [Bug fix] Fixed bug where filters were not persisting between Board reloads
  • [Bug fix] Fixed assignee lists on Issue sidebar to handle longer usernames
  • [Bug fix] Fixed sprint pipeline automation when the pipeline was deleted
  • [Bug fix] Fixed bug where filters were not persisting between Board reloads
  • [Bug fix] Fixed arrow colour in Sprints filter when active

Faster Board loading


🐛 Fixes



Last year we wrote about our roadmap for improving the performance of ZenHub. Our team has been hard at work on a variety of core architectural changes that will improve the speed of the app.

Last week, in version 2.45.72, we shipped one such change that directly impacts the loading speed of the Board. You know -- the feature you probably use every single day! Through a series of optimizations and our new backend service, we were able to reduce 1 second from the average load time of the Board. A 20% improvement!


Let us know on Twitter if you've noticed any improvements on your boards. This is the first of many optimizations we are actively working on. We expect to make significant future improvements related to performance this year. If you or your team are seeing any specific performance concerns, we'd love to hear from you. Submit your feedback on our public roadmap.

ZenHub support for GitHub keywords 🔗


⭐️ New



No more pesky manual linking! For all new PRs you create, GitHub keywords (fixes, closes, resolves) will now automatically link the PR and Issue in the ZenHub Board!

As Issues move through the Board, the linked PR will travel with it. When the PR is closed, the Issue will close as well - plus they’ll remain linked in the Closed pipeline for future reference.

Please note - for now, keywords can only be used during PR creation, not editing (meaning they won’t appear linked on the Board if you edit a PR to add the keyword later).

For a full list of GitHub keywords, check the docs.