New year, new us! 🎉

Ok, we’re not entirely “new”, but we’re definitely improved. We’re back with a number of updates to the UI, pull requests, and more…

  • [Update] GitHub dark mode users will no longer be notified when converted to light mode in ZenHub (although support for light mode is coming!)
  • [Update] Videos can be uploaded and viewed in issues and comments in the ZenHub webapp (support for the ZenHub extension is in progress).
  • [Update] To help you get up and running faster with a new Workspace, issues updated in the last 30 - 90 days will automatically be moved to the Sprint Backlog (note: this only happens the first time you create a Workspace).
  • [Update] When connecting a PR to an issue, the most recent issues you worked on will appear in the dropdown first.
  • [Update] We’ve added quicklinks to the Roadmap and Workflows where you can provide feedback about the features. 
  • [Update] We’ve moved around the assignee avatars on PR cards, making room for some exciting new features coming soon… 🤫


Issue<>PR connections visible in Closed pipeline

This will be our last update for the year. Happy holidays!

If you're looking for a bigger wrap-up, check out the latest edition of "ZenHub Horizon," our quarterly product review.

For now, here's a few updates and fixes from the past week and a sneak peak into what's coming early next year.

  • [Update] Issue<>PR connections are now visible across all pipelines, including the Closed pipeline.

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 2.52.15 PM.png

  • [Update] Dark mode: hot timing on this one. As we head into the holidays, we will continue working to make ZenHub compatible with GitHub's dark mode as well as future accessibility changes.

  • [Bug fix] Rather than crashing, clicking on links within the Issue popup on the extension now scrolls to the date. Hooray!

  • [Bug fix] Your Workflows were all over place! Just kidding. But we did fix a bug that wasn't properly aligning some Workflow connections.

Looking to next year, we have a few big updates for developers: showing reviewers on the Board, showing draft and merge statuses for PRs, automatic Issue-to-PR connections via GitHub Keywords, linking multiple Issues to a PR… you get the point.

We'll also be automating your recurring Sprint schedule because they're always on time, right? …right?!

That's all from us for now. May your holidays be filled with an assortment of socks, a Neuralyzer, and a few Werther's Originals!

Historic reports and other presents

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog next week for "Confetti", our quarterly product review! In the meantime, you can check out the previous edition plus the things we've updated and fixed over the last week.

  • [Update] The Cumulative flow and Control chart have been updated from being able to query a maximum of 6 months in the past to 24 months! This is all thanks to our new backend, codename "Raptor." This was part of a major initiative to double down on reducing loading times this year which will carry through to next year!

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 3.46.18 PM.png

  • [Update] The Burn Pipeline dropdown on the Burndown report now selects all pipelines after the selection to better follow the workflow of sequential pipelines.
  • [Update] All badges and labels have been updated to match GitHub’s UI. Round corners are in again!
  • [Bug fix] Some teams reported problems when multiple team members were updating the Board at the same time. We've adjusted the way we handle these events and have seen a reduced numbers of issues!
  • [Bug fix] The sidebar collapses after the Create... dropdown is opened, as it should.
  • [Bug fix] You can now visit the Board after closing a Release without the (hidden) Release filtering the Board to show no Issues. Close 'em out!
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an error popping up in some Workspaces where the Board couldn't find certain repos in the extension.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed an issue where the page would crash when setting an estimate.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed a bug preventing the name/description from being edited when adding or removing repos.

Automatically sort Issues when setting up a new Workspace

It's like the Sorting Hat of Issues - except it's logic-powered, not magic-powered.

When you create a new Workspace, Issues will automatically be sorted into relevant Pipelines, reducing the amount of setup time required. Right now, Issues will be sorted according to these triggers:

  • Issues in the current Milestone will be moved to Sprint Backlog
  • Issues with no recent activity will be moved to Icebox
  • Issues with connected PRs will be moved to in progress

This will be a one-time sort, meaning Issues will only be moved once during the initial Workspace setup. Have an idea for a sorting trigger? Let us know here!

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 10.29.44 AM.png

Bug Fix Thanksgiving!

We spent (Canadian) Thanksgiving week crushing bugs on ZenHub. Hope you weren't affected by these but, if you were, they are now fixed on the latest version of the web app and extension!

  • Fixed the Burndown chart displaying "Past due" when a Milestone was closed after the due date
  • Fixed the Issues list on the Epic page crashing on Windows machine when text is overflowing
  • Fixed the “Find another repo to merge” modal where it wouldn't add the repo to an existing Workspace
  • Fixed a bug causing the window to refresh twice after editing a Workspace
  • Fixed a Dashboard/payments bug showing invoices were unpaid
  • Fixed a race condition where the extension was not loading even though there was a ZenHub-related #hash in the URL
  • Fixed a Safari bug that was preventing scrolling over all areas of the app
  • Fixed an authentication error when signing in through the extension browser action (in the toolbar)

Load only the Issues that relate to your team

Introducing Workspace Filter!

With the new Workspace Filter, your Board will only load Issues with the labels you’ve selected. All other Issues will still exist in the repo but won't show up in this Workspace, speeding up load times and reducing clutter.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 4.46.29 PM.png

Add a Workspace filter in the Edit Workspace modal in your sidebar. Keep in mind, unlike the regular Board filters — which only filter your view of the Board — Workspace Filter applies for everyone in your team.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 5.02.38 PM.png

For more info, check out our two-and-a-half minute tutorial here, or the support article here!

Epic start and end dates, ZenHub admin updates, auth changes

Roadmaps and Epics
Epic start and end dates can now be set from the Epic page itself! Once dates have been set, a new [View on Roadmap] button will appear below the Issue list in order to see how the Epic fits within your team's bigger picture.

If you're interested in learning more about best practices around Epics, we're hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, October 28 at 9am PT. We look forward to seeing you there!

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 4.51.28 PM.png

Manage admin status
ZenHub admins can now demote other admins. Sometimes team members leave, sometimes security needs to be tightened… we hope that's what you're using it for anyway.

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 4.58.42 PM.png

Authentication changes
If you've needed to refresh your GitHub authentication tokens on the extension lately, you may have noticed a change in the process. Re-authorizing is now done through a small popup in order to keep you in context with what you're working on.

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 5.10.38 PM.png

👻Have a great week! 🎃

Check out what’s new in ZenHub!

We’ve been hard at work over at ZenHub and we’re so thrilled to bring you some incredible updates. Confetti Moments is our quarterly blog post highlighting the most recent product improvements to help you stay up to date on what’s new. Take a look here at everything we’ve built, optimized and fixed over the last few months.


As always, we love to hear your feedback through our public product roadmap.

And don't forget, we're on Slack! You can now stay up-to-date on what's new and share learnings, tips, and tricks with the ZenHub community. Click here to join.

One week of Automated Workflows 🎉

It has been a week since we released Automated Workflows as a way for you to automate hand-offs, create aggregated Board views, and clean up Issue statuses and pipelines!


How do Workflows benefit your team? We did a little bit of digging and so far we've seen over 5,500 Issues automatically moved due to Workflows. If it takes an average of 2 clicks and 10 seconds to update an Issue in another Workspace, in just one week teams that have adopted Workflows saved 15 hours worth of non-stop work and removed more than 10,000 clicks!

If you haven't already explored, you can access it through the sidebar by clicking on the "Workflows" item on both the web app and extension. Or, if you're looking for some more information and help with setting up connections, check out our walkthrough.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve Automated Workflows for your team.

Brand new epic page

Our epic page has been revamped to offer a brand new design and much needed usability improvements. You can now work right out of your epic page and:

  • get issue insights
  • see estimates, labels and assignees for all your issues without the extra clicks
  • use issue options to remove issues from the epic, close issues or set as high priority
  • rearrange your issues (send to top/send to bottom)

You will soon be able to add desired dates to your epics and have them populated on the roadmap.

Epic page.jpg