File upload improvements for large files

We're excited to release a bug fix that will now allow file uploads up to 15MB across issue posting and commenting within ZenHub.

Take advantage of the change in the latest version of the extension (v2.42.16) and, if you're a web app user, it's already live!


Two caveats:

  1. ZenHub allows file uploads up to 15MB, GitHub does not. When viewing large file uploads on GitHub, you may encounter a broken link.
  2. There is still a problem copy+pasting non-PNG images and, unfortunately, we are handcuffed on this one. Both GitHub and Gmail share our headache as pasting JPGs are converted to PNGs automatically by the browser resulting in larger file sizes. To attach larger JPG files, drag-and-drop or click-to-attach to upload.

Roadmap improvements - traffic lights and predicted end date

Red, Yellow, Green Project Status and Predicted End Dates for Epics

We’ve introduced an option to enable color-coded projects, determined by their progress. A red, yellow, or green color instantly indicates status, communicating whether a project is on track (green), at-risk (yellow), or falling behind (red). 

Showing progress - color change issues Copy.jpg

We’ve also added the option for teams to enable “predicted end dates” for Epics in their Roadmaps. Predicted end dates provide a visual indication when a project is running behind schedule and can help teams proactively have conversations around reducing scope.Read more about these exciting changes here

Showing progress - predicted end dates.png

As always, share your feedback with us in our product portal here!

Personal Roadmap settings saved between sessions

As of today, your personal Roadmap settings will be saved and updated on every visit to get back to the information important to you:

  • View the timeline between weeks/months/quarters
  • See item progress by story point completion vs issues completed
  • View the Roadmap from your Workspace or across your organization
  • Show or collapse all items on the Roadmap

These changes are live on the web app and extension (for extension users: make sure to update to the latest version, v2.42.10)!

[insert bad May the 4th pun]

View Roadmap progress by number of Issues or Story Points completed

You can now customize your Roadmap view so that progress is shown by the number (#) of Issues or Story points completed, or the percentage (%) of Issues or story points completed. Click on the gear icon to toggle between options, then these settings are saved for when you return to the Roadmap or navigate to a different Roadmap in your organization.

Which other improvements would you like to see in the Roadmap? Share your feedback and make feature requests in our product portal.


Invite your team using the shareable invite link

Invite your team into ZenHub using the shareable invite link!


Invite large groups quickly and easily by sharing a single link, rather than inviting users one-by-one. Team members who follow this link will be taken directly to your specific ZenHub Workspace.

Still prefer to invite large groups via email? No problem--the invitation field now supports copy & paste for multiple email addresses. Let us know what other invitation improvements you'd like to see in our product portal here.

Learn more about inviting your team into ZenHub.

Webinar Catch up | All Estimates Are Wrong ✨

Miss our recent webinar on tips to help ensure your team are estimating work the least wrong way? No problem! You can now watch this webinar on-demand!

P.S You can sign up for next weeks webinar and view our other on-demand trainings on the ZenHub webinars page 💫

Upcoming Webinar| Focused Teams: All Estimates are Wrong ✨🔢

Upcoming Webinar | Wednesday, April 1st | All Estimates are Wrong | 9AM PST

While we can’t predict the future, we can use the past to help guide us in future work. Join us as we share the least wrong way of estimating work..

Sign up here: ZenHub Webinars

Webinar | Focused Teams: Running Events ✨

Miss our recent webinar on how to run events as efficiently as possible while navigating remote working? We've got you covered. You can now watch this webinar on-demand!

P.S Check out the ZenHub webinars page where you can sign up for upcoming live trainings or catch up on our webinars on-demand 🌟

Customer enablement and empowerment ⭐️

We’ve launched two new customer focused initiatives! From covering the basics of getting started to pro tips for our power users we’re here to help ensure you get the most value from ZenHub.

What's new?

  • ZenHub Webinars - Check out our shiny new webinars page where you can sign up for upcoming live trainings or watch webinars on-demand covering features and tips to help your team work better together.
  • ZenHub Users Slack Community - Join our Slack community where you can stay up-to-date on what's new at ZenHub and share your learnings and tips with the ZenHub community.

Webinar topic suggestions? Email us

ZenHub Performance Improvements: Introducing a faster, more efficient ZenHub experience ⚡️

We’ve been working on a ton of performance improvements in ZenHub!

Speedier loading times means you have more time to focus on your most important work. This helps your team get more done and ship software faster!

What have we improved?

  • We’ve made substantial improvements to the initial load time of Workspaces. ZenHub Boards now load 20% faster!
  • By implementing local caching, we’ve improved the loading speed of the new issues dialog. We’ve been able to get the dialog to launch nearly instantly - a ~65% reduction!
  • For our web app users, loading details of existing Issues is 30% faster today than it was in January.
  • We’ve improved the performance and experience of performing bulk edit operations on GitHub data - such as labels, milestones, and assignees - on the Board using card multi-select.

Check our 'Confetti Moments' blog post for more information on these changes!

A big thank you to everyone who has provided us with feedback on performance. Going forward we will continually monitor and improve the speed of our interface and API.