ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Use Shift + click for multi-select, plus other egg-scellent improvements 🐰

Hopefully you’re not too full of Easter chocolate, because we’ve got a few treats in this week’s changelog!

You can now quickly select multiple Issues on the board by holding down the Shift key. Once selected, you can apply bulk changes to Issues, such as adding to an Epic, applying a label, or moving pipelines.


Other improvements included:

  • [Update] When turning on the Automatically build new sprints feature, a suggested average velocity will now be displayed.
  • [Update] Users shouldn’t see the “Unable to connect to live updates” toast as frequently.
  • [Update] Issues closed on Sprint end day will now count as closed.
  • [Update] The cancel button will now be disabled during new Issue creation.
  • [Bug fix] We squashed a bug that made the ZenHub tab disappear from GitHub for extension users.
  • [Bug fix] Some users were not seeing their Workspace filter labels pre-populate when creating a new Issue.
  • [Bug fix] We fixed the bug that was causing Safari users to see the background Issues on their Board disappear when the Issue modal opens.

Week-end fixes and updates

After a series of releases for performance improvements and feature updates improving the developer experience for pull requests, we're back with a round-up of recent changes.

  • [Update] Updated estimate selector in the Issue sidebar to make it easier to quickly estimate Issues


  • [Update] Added more filters to Board by default (6 to 7, look for more changes coming soon!)
  • [Update] Updated background colour for title + description inputs when editing an Issue
  • [Update] Added error state when the Issue doesn’t exist in the Workspace
  • [Update] Show search results (Issue and Story point count) during keyword search


  • [Bug fix] Fixed filters rendering multiple times when searching
  • [Bug fix] Fixed loading state in some filters where "No items" was showing instead of the loading state
  • [Bug fix] Fixed real-time updates for the Issue sidebar when a Sprint is active
  • [Bug fix] Fixed real-time updates for the Issue timeline items for Sprints
  • [Bug fix] Fixed post and comment rendering in Issues for large blocks of text
  • [Bug fix] Fixed bug where filters were not persisting between Board reloads
  • [Bug fix] Fixed assignee lists on Issue sidebar to handle longer usernames
  • [Bug fix] Fixed sprint pipeline automation when the pipeline was deleted
  • [Bug fix] Fixed bug where filters were not persisting between Board reloads
  • [Bug fix] Fixed arrow colour in Sprints filter when active

Faster Board loading

Last year we wrote about our roadmap for improving the performance of ZenHub. Our team has been hard at work on a variety of core architectural changes that will improve the speed of the app.

Last week, in version 2.45.72, we shipped one such change that directly impacts the loading speed of the Board. You know -- the feature you probably use every single day! Through a series of optimizations and our new backend service, we were able to reduce 1 second from the average load time of the Board. A 20% improvement!


Let us know on Twitter if you've noticed any improvements on your boards. This is the first of many optimizations we are actively working on. We expect to make significant future improvements related to performance this year. If you or your team are seeing any specific performance concerns, we'd love to hear from you. Submit your feedback on our public roadmap.

ZenHub support for GitHub keywords 🔗

No more pesky manual linking! For all new PRs you create, GitHub keywords (fixes, closes, resolves) will now automatically link the PR and Issue in the ZenHub Board!

As Issues move through the Board, the linked PR will travel with it. When the PR is closed, the Issue will close as well - plus they’ll remain linked in the Closed pipeline for future reference.

Please note - for now, keywords can only be used during PR creation, not editing (meaning they won’t appear linked on the Board if you edit a PR to add the keyword later).

For a full list of GitHub keywords, check the docs.

Connect multiple Issues to the same Pull Request

In addition to being able to link multiple PRs to one Issue, you can now link multiple Issues to one PR. Yep, we know that sounds pretty confusing. But don’t worry - the feature is very straightforward!

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 10.52.53 AM.png

If several issues can be resolved with a single PR (for example, duplicate bug reports), you can connect all of those issues to the PR. As the PR moves through the board, the Issues will automatically follow - no need to update each individual ticket.

Learn more about Issue<>PR connections here!

Get started with Sprints

Since we launched ZenHub Sprints last week, we wanted to follow it up to help you get accustomed to the slight change in workflow.

If you're looking for a quick overview of Sprints in ZenHub, this is the perfect place to start.

When: March 3rd, 2021 at 10am PT/1pm ET
Where: https://www.zenhub.com/webinars/getting-started-with-zenhub-sprints

ZenHub Sprints are here!

ZenHub Sprints launched earlier this week so here's the TL;DR of what changed.

⚡️ Sprints are scoped to a Workspace whereas Milestones are tied to a repo

⚡️ Sprints are automatically created based on your set schedule

⚡️ Sprints can be automatically built from your backlog based on velocity

⚡️ Incomplete issues can be automatically rolled over to the next Sprint

⚡️ Issues can now live in more than one Sprint

⚡️ (Coming soon) The Velocity report will soon show true completion (vs always showing 100% completion when moving incomplete issues to a new Sprint)

⚡️ (Coming soon) The Burndown will soon support completion only when the issue was finished during the Sprint


Need a little more info? Check out our introduction to ZenHub Sprints or our two-and-a-half-minute tutorial.

Liftoff 🚀

We are excited to announce we have raised a liiiiittle bit of money to accelerate our mission and principles of ZenHub: allowing developers to spend more time building while giving the organization access to real-time progress with no additional overhead!

If you're wondering who else has joined us on our journey, check out the details: https://blog.zenhub.com/announcing-4-7m-in-funding/

See PR reviewers and review status on the Board

ZenHub now shows reviewers and review status on PR cards! Take a look at any PR card on your board and you’ll see the avatar of the reviewer(s), and a colourful dot that quickly indicates the status.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 9.20.15 AM.png

  • Red - requested changes
  • Green - approved changes
  • Grey - left review comments
  • Yellow - pending review

Upcoming: In the next iteration, we'll be adding the reviewer data (read-only) to the PR sidebar so it's available when you open the PR modal.

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Share your feedback in our product portal.

You're my BFF (Bug Fix Friday)

  • [Bug fix] Some users reported the ZenHub tab crashing to a blank screen when clicking on an Issue card. This was quickly identified as a problem with our build process and fixed accordingly.
  • [Bug fix] Switching between Workspaces now remembers the selected repos rather than showing an incomplete list in the Board's repo filter.
  • [Bug fix] We've removed "0 of 0 points completed" when loading an Epic to not confuse loading and loaded states.
  • [Bug fix] Issue timeline events from our public API are now sorted in order by creation date with the most recent first.
  • [Bug fix] We have fixed a bug where sometimes the Issues were not loading in the Epic page and also introduced a small loading stat.
  • [Update] If you're halfway down the page and don't want to take the long trek back to the top, we've added a [Cancel] link at the bottom when creating new Issues.
  • [Update] A couple tweaks to the dependency icons on Issue cards.
  • [Update] Added a closed icon to the Closed button (how about that!) for Issues in the web app.

Happy weekend!