Consistent – and ✔ legends across all multi-action selections

When using multi-action, there's now UI parity across all actions taken when it comes to reading whether the selection you're trying to add, such as applying a label, is already applied to all Issues in the multi-select, or only some.

  • A means that only some of the Issues you've selected have that criteria already assigned to it (such as a label)


  • A means that all selected Issues have that criteria applied


No more dead-ends for saved custom date ranges no longer available

The Cumulative Flow and Control Charts can only by a custom date range, but only within the last 6 months. If you previously had saved a bookmark and accessed a report, we showed an infinite loader, which wasn't very helpful or informative!

Now, you'll see a banner indicating that you're outside the available date ranges, and be prompted to update your selection


Issue transfer event history

When transferring Issues between repos using GitHub's transfer Issue workflow, we will now show event transfer history with a proper Issue title.

Weekends on Burndowns

Weekends on the Burndown are now colored the same as in the legend.

Markdown support in descriptions

You can now use markdown in Release report and Milestone descriptions.



Select-all improvements

The select all limit in multi-action has been increased from 50 to 75.

New support and training hub

We've made it easier for you to:

  • speak to a product expert
  • browse our self-serve guides
  • access available 1-1 training resources
  • review upcoming features and beta programs
  • and register for upcoming training

On the sidebar of all Workspaces is now a Support and training link.


Webhook fixes

When creating Issues from a ZenHub Board they will now properly appear without needing a refresh.

Workspace permission updates

Creating Workspaces with read-only repos now show the lock icon and don't let you error-out due to lack of write permissions.


Mobile UI updates

Checkmarks now appear on pipeline names in the table list of the Cumulative Flow Diagram when using the web app in Safari.

No published changelogs yet.

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