ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Performance Improvements


🐛 Fixes


The Zenhub engineering team recently completed a series of sprints focused on improving performance and reliability of the app. We wanted to share some of the results of that work.


  • Optimized workspace load time by 10-20% by removing the need to load related workspaces at startup. The entire Zenhub app should load a little bit faster now.
  • Moved resource intensive tasks to leverage more database read replicas & re-balanced hardware resources for our database and Kubernetes cluster. Zenhub should be more stable and performant during demand hours, specifically around GitHub issue updates.
  • Switched to using Brotli for encrypting static web assets. Initial Zenhub load times should be 10-30% faster for cold starts.
  • Optimized Zenhub's code splitting strategy to reduce the JavaScript bundle size by up to 400kb. Initial Zenhub load times should be further improved.

Board & Issues

  • Optimized board issue filtering queries related to issue and story point counts. Searching on the Board should be a little bit faster now.
  • Optimized board search queries involving authors. Filtering the board by authors should now be up to 10x faster.
  • Migrated the estimate selector to leverage Zenhub's new GraphQL API to improve performance and reliability of setting issue estimates.

Account Management & Settings

  • Redesigned the Slack & Webhook integrations UI to leverage client-side caching. Modifying integrations across multiple GitHub organizations should be snappier now. These integrations are now also available to for GitHub connected users!

We have further minor optimizations and as well larger initiatives in the works that we're hoping to be able to share with you in the coming weeks. Thank you for continuing to report stability and performance problems to support. Keep them coming!

Milestones for Board 2.0


⭐️ New


We’ve brought back Milestones to Board 2.0 after hearing feedback from our users, thank you to everyone who submitted feedback about the feature and how they use it within their workflow.

Users can now access the following Milestones based features in Board 2.0:

  • Filter by Milestone
  • Filter by issues with no Milestones
  • Multi-select Milestones
  • Bulk Edit Milestones
  • Add / Remove Milestones from an issue
  • Show / Hide Milestones from an issue card on the board

Redeeming Invites at Onboarding 📨


⭐️ New


As your new team members go through registration in Zenhub, if they have been invited to a workspace, they will see an indication to join the Zenhub organizations that you have invited them to. From here they can proceed to join your Zenhub Organizations directly without making an access request.


We love to improve how your teams find you, join you quickly and collaborate in your Zenhub Organizations!

Disconnecting GitHub Accounts from Zenhub 🔗


⭐️ New


Did you change your mind about connecting your GitHub Account to Zenhub? No Problems! because now, you can easily disconnect your GitHub Account from your Zenhub Platform and reconnect whenever you want.

You can revoke access of your Zenhub platform to your GitHub Account at any time, from the Account Management > Settings > Connected Accounts area of your Dashboard. Whenever you're ready, you can reconnect your GitHub account to your Zenhub Organization.

With this in place, you have no need to worry about leaving your GitHub account or data behind if you no longer have a need for the GitHub integration in your Zenhub platform.


Creating Github Repositories in Zenhub 🗃️


⭐️ New


Users in Trial Organizations can now create new GitHub repositories from Zenhub.

We understand the need for new users to try out Zenhub with repositories that their teams are not working from or in cases where users do not have access to grant repository access to Zenhub while trying Zenhub for the first time. That's why we introduced a new feature where you can create new repositories when you get to a workspace that is not yet connected to a GitHub repository. This will allow you experience the full functionalities of Zenhub while not making updates to repositories that your team is currently working in or where you do not have access to your team's GitHub repository. **P.S: ** This feature is currently only available to Organizations that have not connected their GitHub accounts during trial.


Classic GH Projects Importer for Platform Users


⭐️ New


Platform users can now import repositories, issues and columns from classic GitHub Projects

To enable seamless migration of your team's work into Zenhub, we have extended the capabilities of our classic GitHub importer to Zenhub users. This means that now, every Zenhub user can automatically connect repositories to workspaces, and import issues and pipelines to a Zenhub workspace, all in a few clicks. Now your teams can get settled in Zenhub quickly, in a familiar set up and continue with work in Zenhub like nothing happened.


We would love your feedback on other tools and functionalities that will enable your team to settle into Zenhub very quickly. Feel free to drop new ideas and feedback for importing your work into Zenhub here and

Allowed domains for Organization access

[⭐️ New] With the introduction of access to existing Platform Organizations at onboarding for your new team members with whom you share the same email domain, we have provided a means by which you can also allow your Zenhub Organizations to be found by users with whom you do not share email domains. How does this work:

  • Within the invite modal of your workspace, there is an "Allowed Domains" section where you can add an email domain. This allows your Zenhub Organizations to be visible to users with those email addresses at onboarding
  • Also once you invite users via the invite modal, the emails domains for users who you invite are automatically suggested to be added to the Allowed Domain list which you can accept or reject image.png

Our expectation is that this feature improvement to the invite modal helps your teams find and join you quickly in your respective workspaces. We would love your feedback on how to make this better for your team.

Organization Access Request for Companies and Teams


⭐️ New


Zenhub Organizations are now visible at onboarding to users who sign up with the same email domain as the creator of the Zenhub Organization. This means that users from your company domains or approved domains can join their teams by selecting the Zenhub Organizations they would like to go into without needing to create one at onboarding or without being invited. Organization Admins can subsequently approve user's request to join their Zenhub Organizations


The option to create a Zenhub organization still exists at onboarding. Still, this option will only be available if a user needs to create a new Zenhub Organization for their team and not as a requirement to proceed into the application like before.

We would love to see your team join you quickly and hear your feedback on optimizing organizations that are shown to users with your company's email domain.

New Public GraphQL API


⭐️ New


Our new Public GraphQL API is now available to all users!

Our new API provides access to a broader set of data that was not previously available, including sprints, roadmap data and the ability to filter when fetching issues.

To get started, self-serve generate your Personal API Key through the API subsection in the account management page in Zenhub. Once you've got your key, head over to https://developers.zenhub.com/ to take a look at our documentation site.

We can't wait to see the automations and integrations that our users build with this new API!

Japanese Search Improvements + Bug Fixes


⭐️ New


Based on user feedback, we've introduced improvements to our Board search for issues containing Japanese language characters. The improved search will provide more accurate search results and an improved search experience when using Japanese characters to search for issues with Japanese titles on the board. This update enables search functionality to more closely match the previous search experience for Japanese users.

Thank you to all users who submitted feedback about this issue.

We've also fixed the following bugs:

  • Fixed an issue with invalid links with inviting a user to a workspace
  • Fixed a bug where the list of repos was not loading when attempting to add a repo to a workspace
  • Fixed a bug that caused the issue table in an epic to not be displayed
  • Fixed a bug where board URLs did not have filter metadata appended