ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Allowed domains for Organization access

[⭐️ New] With the introduction of access to existing Platform Organizations at onboarding for your new team members with whom you share the same email domain, we have provided a means by which you can also allow your Zenhub Organizations to be found by users with whom you do not share email domains. How does this work:

  • Within the invite modal of your workspace, there is an "Allowed Domains" section where you can add an email domain. This allows your Zenhub Organizations to be visible to users with those email addresses at onboarding
  • Also once you invite users via the invite modal, the emails domains for users who you invite are automatically suggested to be added to the Allowed Domain list which you can accept or reject image.png

Our expectation is that this feature improvement to the invite modal helps your teams find and join you quickly in your respective workspaces. We would love your feedback on how to make this better for your team.