ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Board 2.0. is out of Beta!


⭐️ New


With today’s release Board 2.0 is officially out of Beta and Generally Available to all ZenHub users. We’ve added several new and improved features to Board 2.0 over the last few months and would like to encourage everyone to give it a try.

As part of Board 2.0. leaving Beta we’ve added a few more highly requested features:

Board View Options

  • Toggle Show Pull Requests
  • Toggle Show Open Issues

Issue Card View Options

  • Toggle Show Estimates on Issues
  • Toggle Show Dependencies on Issues
  • Toggle Show Repos on Issues
  • Toggle Show Sprints on Issues
  • Toggle Show Epics on Issues
  • Toggle Show Releases on Issues
  • Toggle Show PR Reviewers on Issues
  • If you’ve switched to using Condensed View, some of the data point toggles are not available with Condensed View enabled.

All the above features are accessible through Board Settings in Board 2.0.