ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Board Feature Updates and Bug Fixes


⭐️ New

  • Set Board 2.0. as the default Board experience
  • Added Pipeline Sorting to Board 2.0
  • Added Sort by Sprint as a Pipeline Sorting option in Board 2.0
  • Added the ‘not:’ operator to the Assignee, Epic and Label filter in Board 2.0
  • Fixed an issue where the predicted end date would not be displayed for an epic on the roadmap
  • Fixed a UI bug with the issue flyover when using the extension
  • Fixed an issue that caused long numbers to appear truncated via markdown within an issue
  • Fixed a bug where issue titles or breadcrumbs could run off the issue flyover page
  • Added a loading indicator and improved the response performance when closing or opening an issue via the issue flyover