ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Bug Fix Thanksgiving!

We spent (Canadian) Thanksgiving week crushing bugs on ZenHub. Hope you weren't affected by these but, if you were, they are now fixed on the latest version of the web app and extension!

  • Fixed the Burndown chart displaying "Past due" when a Milestone was closed after the due date
  • Fixed the Issues list on the Epic page crashing on Windows machine when text is overflowing
  • Fixed the “Find another repo to merge” modal where it wouldn't add the repo to an existing Workspace
  • Fixed a bug causing the window to refresh twice after editing a Workspace
  • Fixed a Dashboard/payments bug showing invoices were unpaid
  • Fixed a race condition where the extension was not loading even though there was a ZenHub-related #hash in the URL
  • Fixed a Safari bug that was preventing scrolling over all areas of the app
  • Fixed an authentication error when signing in through the extension browser action (in the toolbar)