ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Condensed View for Board 2.0


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Today marks the launch of our first new Board view for Board 2.0! Over the last little while we’ve been reading user feedback around wanting a cleaner and more compact board view that allows you to see more tickets on the board within the same space. Armed with this feedback our design team took to the drawing board and created our new Condensed View.

The condensed view abstracts the majority of ticket information, removes spacing between tickets and increases the number of tickets viewable at a given time on the board.

To give Condensed View a try, first start by opting into Board 2.0. via the board settings. If you’ve already opted into Board 2.0, simply enable Condensed View by toggling it on within board settings. 

We’re really excited about this new board view and have been using it internally for a little while. We hope that this new view provides enhanced utility and clarity to your board experience.

V5. Condensed pipeline (3).jpg