ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

🗓 Edit your Sprint dates and a 10x assignee selector 👤


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Sprint dates

🛬 One of the biggest requests for Sprints has landed 🛬

Shuffling your teams and also need to shuffle your Sprint start and end dates? We've got you. Taking a week off to pretend like the pandemic is over and everything has gone back to normal? You keep dreaming but, even then, we've got you!

Open your Sprint configuration through the menu on the Board or sidebar…

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 3.54.29 PM.png

… then click to clear and select new dates! edit-sprint-dates.png

Assignee selector


Hopefully this has gone (visually) unnoticed but we have quietly updated the assignee selector by caching assignees rather than pulling the data from GitHub. Since being in production for the last few weeks, we've seen up to 10x performance improvements for teams with 100s to 1000s of users. We have also fixed a couple bugs along the way:

  • [Bug fix] No longer freezes when searching for multiple users and then closing the dropdown without selecting anyone
  • [Bug fix] No longer freezes when selecting assignees in certain conditions

And what's dessert without a few sprinkles?

  • [Update] Updated the issue list in an epic to play better with the new issue flyout in the web app. Keep your eyes peeled for it landing in the extension sooooon.
  • [Update] We have removed a legacy warning when editing a pipeline's name/description.
  • [Update] Small UI update to the create menu to separate Sprints from the rest of the items.
  • [Bug fix] Activating the "Predicted end date" in a Release report now shows the predicted end date vs previously showing an "invalid date" error.
  • [Bug fix] Issues from newly added repos to your Workspaces will now include Release data on initial load vs previously needing a page refresh.
  • [Bug fix] You will again see estimates of 0 on issue cards.
  • [Bug fix] For our Firefox/Windows users, we have fixed a bug where browser windows that were not fully maximized took on a mind of its own and tried to start a dance party when navigating to the Roadmap. If your Roadmap experience did not include an unintentional strobe light, be thankful. To those that did experience the bug, apologies and we hope you had a disco ball nearby.