ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Important changes about Sprints & Milestones

By the end of the year, GitHub Milestones will no longer appear in ZenHub. This won't affect the majority of teams, as over 85% of users have already switched from GitHub Milestones to ZenHub’s Automated Sprints. But change isn’t easy, so we want to share a bit more about ZenHub Sprints and what this means for your team.

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Why we built automated sprints

Our goal is to reduce overhead so you can spend more time building. We noticed that our users were spending a huge amount of time manually setting up and managing each sprint cycle. So, we decided to improve the experience in a number of ways by adding the ability to:

  • Automatically create upcoming sprints
  • Automatically add issues from the backlog to the upcoming sprint (optional)
  • Automatically move unfinished issues to the next sprint (optional)
  • See sprint scope change, at-a-glance progress, and a summary of unfinished work directly on the board

📚 Resources


You can read more about our thought process and the features of automated sprints here.

What this means for you

By the end of the year, you won’t see GitHub Milestones in ZenHub (e.g. in the board filter, or in the Burndown chart). We’ll be focusing our resources on further automating and improving sprint planning. Historical Milestone data will still be accessible through GitHub’s Milestone page. The Milestone drop-down will also still be visible on issues when using the ZenHub extension in GitHub.

Our support team is here to… well… support!

Although the automation of ZenHub Sprints has made it a seamless switch for the majority of teams, we understand that any change can be tricky and we want to help. Here are a few resources to get you started: