ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Love at first Insight 💜


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We’re excited to be launching our Sprint Insights Beta! Right from your Board you’ll be able to: see ZenHub Sprint progress, understand changes in scope, see average velocity and compare to last period, add unfinished Issues to your next Sprint, and more.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 5.33.25 PM.png

We’re still running the Beta while we finalize a few last details, so if you’re interested in participating, simply send an email with your GitHub Organization name to product@zenhub.com. We’d love to hear your feedback!

  • [Update] While using our GitHub Project Importer, you’ll now see a warning message if you try to import the same project a second time
  • [Update] Sidebar icon updates
  • [Bug fix] You’re now able to make changes to an active ZenHub Sprint if the Sprint is closing today 
  • [Bug fix] You’ll no longer see a delay in repos appearing when creating a new Workspace.
  • [Bug Fix] We’ve resolved the bug that caused some users’ Board to (semi) crash when opening Epics too quickly.