ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Organization Access Request for Companies and Teams


⭐️ New


Zenhub Organizations are now visible at onboarding to users who sign up with the same email domain as the creator of the Zenhub Organization. This means that users from your company domains or approved domains can join their teams by selecting the Zenhub Organizations they would like to go into without needing to create one at onboarding or without being invited. Organization Admins can subsequently approve user's request to join their Zenhub Organizations


The option to create a Zenhub organization still exists at onboarding. Still, this option will only be available if a user needs to create a new Zenhub Organization for their team and not as a requirement to proceed into the application like before.

We would love to see your team join you quickly and hear your feedback on optimizing organizations that are shown to users with your company's email domain.