ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Our biggest improvement you'll never see


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Two weeks ago we released another large piece of our new backend, "Raptor". Did you notice it? Nothing changed visually but we did see performance improvements across the app, up to 96%! Here were the top 5 most time consuming GET requests.


With this release, we've also removed the 500 closed Issue limit (self-imposed to stay within GitHub's rate limit) on both the Cumulative flow and Control chart. Want to know more about the technicals? Our Head of Engineering, Ev Haus, explains more about our move to Ruby and Postgres.

What's next? More performance improvements, of course!

Since ZenHub supports both multi-repo and multi-org Workspaces, we show considerably more data than a regular GitHub view. And now ✨with our sparkling new backend ✨ we will continue to add to it by first focusing on progressively rendering dropdowns (assignee, labels lists) followed by progressively rendered Boards, full text search, and completely searchable closed Issues directly within the app.

Stay tuned on our open product roadmap.

Happy Canada Day 🍁from the North