ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Performance Improvements


🐛 Fixes


The Zenhub engineering team recently completed a series of sprints focused on improving performance and reliability of the app. We wanted to share some of the results of that work.


  • Optimized workspace load time by 10-20% by removing the need to load related workspaces at startup. The entire Zenhub app should load a little bit faster now.
  • Moved resource intensive tasks to leverage more database read replicas & re-balanced hardware resources for our database and Kubernetes cluster. Zenhub should be more stable and performant during demand hours, specifically around GitHub issue updates.
  • Switched to using Brotli for encrypting static web assets. Initial Zenhub load times should be 10-30% faster for cold starts.
  • Optimized Zenhub's code splitting strategy to reduce the JavaScript bundle size by up to 400kb. Initial Zenhub load times should be further improved.

Board & Issues

  • Optimized board issue filtering queries related to issue and story point counts. Searching on the Board should be a little bit faster now.
  • Optimized board search queries involving authors. Filtering the board by authors should now be up to 10x faster.
  • Migrated the estimate selector to leverage Zenhub's new GraphQL API to improve performance and reliability of setting issue estimates.

Account Management & Settings

  • Redesigned the Slack & Webhook integrations UI to leverage client-side caching. Modifying integrations across multiple GitHub organizations should be snappier now. These integrations are now also available to for GitHub connected users!

We have further minor optimizations and as well larger initiatives in the works that we're hoping to be able to share with you in the coming weeks. Thank you for continuing to report stability and performance problems to support. Keep them coming!