ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Planning poker and a new way to quickly create issues


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Planning poker


This week we launched planning poker in GitHub (as part of ZenHub, of course)! Team members can now estimate issues individually and record a history of who estimated what. No more guessing who was part of the process or where the estimate came from.

Still not sold? We've seen backlog refinement cut out 80% of the time it used to take to get through the meeting—especially across remote teams!

And for our beta users, we have some bug fixes for you too:

  • [Update] The kinks have been worked out and estimates are always updating in real-time
  • [Bug fix] The “Someone set the estimate to [estimate]” event no longer appears when all participants have the same estimation votes
  • [Bug fix] Fixed an issue where the UI flickered after you set your estimate

For more information, check out the details on our blog.

Quick issue creation


You may have noticed a slight change to your pipeline headers and new [+] button to quickly create issue after issue after issue after iss—… you get the point. Click, type, submit. It's as easy as that!

And don't worry, all the previous features are still available through the settings menu to the left (to the left) 🎶

Updates and bug fixes


  • [Update] You can now remove both the start and end dates from an Epic!
  • [Update] Added an option to rename an issue from inside the Epic page. Hover over the issue in the list and click on the settings button to bring up all of the options.
  • [Update] Deprecated current estimate icon and replaced it with a shiny new one
  • [Update] Updated the minimum width for issue sidebar
  • [Update] Show a tooltip when hovering over the truncated pipeline summary (issues and points)
  • [Update] UI improvements inside an Epic page
  • [Bug fix] Dragging a PRs with long names on the Board no longer clips the previous issue