ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

The ZenHub login experience is expanding!


⭐️ New


The team has been hard at work to bring ZenHub to all teams and team members (not just those with a GitHub account). Today anyone will be able to sign up and use ZenHub – no GitHub required.

For those without a GitHub account, the first release of this experience will be a sneak peek with a sampling of our features available. What does this mean? Our full feature suite will still only unlock with a GitHub account. Over the coming months, we’ll be fully focused on creating a ZenHub that works really well for everyone on the team. So, what do you need to know now?

  • Anyone without a GitHub account will be able to sign up and use ZenHub Roadmaps for free.
    • Whenever anyone connects their GitHub account, a free trial begins, and those users will be able to pay for a license when their trial ends.
  • To make this new way to log in to ZenHub work, we needed to create a new permissions system to manage who’s allowed in your ZenHub organization.
    • Existing GitHub org admins will be given ZenHub org admin status and can remove anyone from your ZenHub organization. All other teammates will receive member status. Admins can grant Admin status to anyone on the team.
    • Anyone within a ZenHub org can invite new team members into the org through the invite your team button as usual.
  • Over time, we will be releasing new functionality that doesn’t rely on GitHub and can be used by anyone with or without a GitHub account.

More details to come as we continue to build and make ZenHub more valuable to everyone on your team!

Powering up projects


⭐️ New


Every project now has a flyover on the roadmap. You can add a description and see who creates or closes the project.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.39.12 PM.png