ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

You asked, we delivered. Dark mode has arrived in ZenHub!


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Dark mode lovers attest to its ability to reduce eye strain in low light conditions. Most importantly, we think it happens to look especially snazzy! Available on both the ZenHub web app and the ZenHub browser extension for GitHub.

Enabling dark mode can be done in just one simple step, no matter where you use ZenHub!


  • For those using the browser extension in GitHub, ZenHub’s dark mode will automatically update based on your GitHub preferences. In other words, if you use dark mode in GitHub, you’ll have dark mode in ZenHub!
  • For those that use the web app, dark mode can be conveniently activated by clicking the up arrow on your profile on the bottom left, and toggling on dark mode. That’s it, you’ve got dark mode!
  • The release of dark mode is also accompanied by an improved (default) light mode with new styling and color updates.

If you’re having any troubles turning on dark mode, check out this support article!

Also, if you’d like to know more about how we built our dark mode, check out this blog post!