ZenHub changelog
ZenHub changelog

Zenhub Issues


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Managing projects with your whole team just got easier.

Zenhub Issues provides the ability to have your non-technical teammates and your technical teammates all working within the same tool.

Zenhub Issues allows users to:

  • Create issues
  • Make tasks
  • Centralize project management between developing teams and non-technical teams without giving access to the team's source code
  • Track projects without needing a GitHub license
  • Invite users outside of your organization (Outside collaborators)

For those that have GitHub Issues and Zenhub Issues within their Workspace you will be able to tell the difference between the two:


You will also have all of the options to include which pipeline you want this Zenhub Issue to appear in, which Labels, Assignee(s), which Sprint, what the Estimate is on this Issue, attach the appropriate Epic as well as the Release.


Organize away and create some Zenhub Issues!